Earlier, the Maharashtra government had announced the reopening of cinemas from 22nd October. However, the government did not release the SOP’s then.

On one side where the public was excited about the theatres reopening, on the other hand, the theatre owners were waiting for the SOP’s to release, they were adamant that without the SOP’s they would not open the theatres, only after going through the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) will they decide whether or not to open the theatres. 

Now, the wait for both the theatre owners and general public is finally over. The Maharashtra Government on 11th October released the SOP’s. Keeping the COVID situation in mind, the SOP’s have stated that there should be social distancing at all times, wearing masks and use of sanitiser is mandatory. 

The fraternity of the cinema halls have been advised to check the temperature of the viewers, and to run the theatres at 50% occupancy.