Recently Mahesh Babu’s comment on Bollywood has left a negative word war between Bollywood and South movie industry. Several stances have been made from both the sides. The ongoing comparision of Bollywood And South Industry has been heated and been in news since days and after Mahesh Babu’s comment, the fire seemed to be heated up more.
According to Mahesh Babu, the statement he said, was not meant to be taken serious. In a recent interview when asked it was asked to him about his turn to do a Bollywood movie, he particularly stated that he did not wanted to waste his time and also Bollywood can’t afford him. He also added that he has a great respect for Telegu Industry and is happy to be a part of it, and choose not to switch to any other industry. The statement left a rebel causing fire in between the two industries. Several Bollywood stars spoke about  his statement and lot more trolls happened to give their stances too.
After much concern Mahesh Babu clears his stance in his recent interaction. He cleared his point by saying , that how he know what pay does Bollywood gives. Justifying it he said, the afford thing was just said out of a joke which created a massive thrive and his statement was misunderstood. He said that obviously he would not comment about the fees in public and his statement was just a matter of comedy which was taken seriously by everyone. Well now the utmost matter is , will Mahesh Babu be seen in Bollywood movie? Well the answer to it is suspected to be yes. As per the sources Mahesh Babu’s Bollywood debut will be directed by S S Rajamouli which will be released in Hindi Telegu and Tamil. Well Mahesh Babu is a well known and a massive megastar who has a massive followed and fan base who are already hooting for him and waiting for his big release. It will be great to see him on screens of Bollywood.


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