The trailer for the much-anticipated Main Te Bapu has finally been released. It stars Parmish Verma and Dr. Satish Verma, a biological dad duo, and is scheduled to showcase their on-screen connection for the first time. The trailer gives everyone a good idea of what to expect from the film.

On the same screen, Main Te Bapu features a romantic romantic drama and a touching father-son bonding narrative. Parmish Verma wants to marry his true love, but this is a film! How can you think this will happen if there aren’t any roadblocks? Another love tale, this time involving Dr. Satish Verma’s persona, is the impediment.

As a result, a tense relationship develops in the once-lovely father-son connection. Parmish Verma’s performance in the teaser is intriguing, and we’re excited to see what he has to offer throughout the film. A film’s plot is its heart, and this one appears to be quite promising!

Apart from Parmish Verma and Dr. Satish Verma’s performances, Sanjeeda Shaikh will also be seen in the movie. Despite the fact that she didn’t get much screen time in the clip, we’ve seen her provide amazing performances in the past.

It not only gives the viewer a cinematic picture of the unique father-son relationship, but it also strives to mainstream love and marriages at an advanced age. It’s a theme that hasn’t gotten much attention in the Punjabi movie industry, but it’s an important one.

‘Main Te Bapu,’ written by Jagdeep Warring and helmed by Uday Pratap Singh. Sanjeeda Shaikh plays the key role in the film, which also portrays the genuine father and son combination. This is the first time we’ve seen this group together, and the audience is ecstatic.


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