The beautiful relationship between Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora is now finally opened. In an Interview with DNA, Arjun Kapoor admitted that Malaika is special for her. He said: Everything is out there for the world to see. “I don’t have anything to discuss. I have nothing to hide. What the world is seeing, they are seeing. However, I have no desire to justify my Life beyond a point. It is important to have good people around me and I feel fortunate that I have such individuals in my life. Talking about the rumors of their wedding he refused and said: “I’m 33 and you have to take my word when I say, I’m in no hurry to get married.” The subject of my wedding is not something that I would like to talk about it. Frankly, if I was trying to knot, then people would know about it. Today, nothing stays or needs to be hidden beyond a point.”

“I know it is the marriage season. But marriage is literally a  big commitment. I will do it when I am ready,” he concluded.

He also said: “The media and the paparazzi are doing their job. The people reading the ‘gossip’ are doing their job. They are forming an opinion based on what they are reading. No one is to blame. However, I have to do my actual job.” 

It shows that Arjun Kapoor is more focused on his career in acting. Which means There are no wedding bells about his Marriage.