The life of Bollywood is not easy it took lots of hard work and struggle to Survive in this industry. Actor Manoj Joshi has exposed his struggle life when he was new to this industry. He has done many movies and was also honored by the most prestigious award Padma Shri last year.

While talking to the media actor said: “My actual struggle started in the 1990s when I thought to branch out to films from the theatre. The challenge came because I was tagged as a character actor at a young age and I wasn’t a star kid that I could get a film easily,” shares Manoj.

“I used to visit studios with my photoshoot. They used to see it and then keep it aside. I know that they are not going to give me any work, their way of taking my photographs was wired. There was a time when the director took the pictures and put them in the dustbin in front of me,”

Manoj also concluded: “The incident shook me and it is a big insult for any artist. Moreover, for one photograph, it used to take us ₹8 at that time, and for 10 copies we used to pay ₹80 to ₹100, which was a very big amount. So, I used to go for the auditions without photos, and I’d give my shot and tell them ‘this is me in front of you and this is my acting’. So, they could decide on that basis.”