In a nasty fight on the sets of movie ‘Pathan’ director gets slapped by an assistant.

Temperatures are soaring really high on the sets of Siddharth Anand’s ‘Pathan’ starring Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan. And no, it’s not because of the star power involved. According to reports A recent incident from the sets left everyone shocked as We hear that Siddharth Anand got into a nasty fight with one of the assistants and it ended up in a major brawl that literally stalled shoot for a day.

A source shared that, “Siddharth is known for having a certain temperament on the sets. Given that he’s the captain of the ship, he didn’t like how a particular assistant was behaving during work. He also wanted all phones to be kept away but the assistant didn’t pay heed to any of his requests. He followed the behaviour for some time and then confronted him. That led to a big argument but people thought it was just that. Shooting resumed post that break.”

Everything was going well, till another major fight ensued. He further added that”The assistant kept abusing Siddharth and bad-mouthing him to other workers on the set. This reached Siddharth and he was furious. He went out and literally slapped the guy who in turn slapped him back. There was huge chaos on the sets and shooting had to be stalled for the day,” the source concluded. And last we heard, the team headed for shoot the immediate next day at Yash Raj Film studio, and the assistant was fired from the job. No shock, as slapping the captain of ship won’t let you be the part of ship..!

So let us tell you that the Happy New Year duo is all set to woo the audience in Sidharth Anand’s action film Pathan.

Apart from Khan and Padukone, Pathan will also star John Abraham in a pivotal role. The film is all set to go on floors in November and is made on a whopping budget of over Rs200 crores.