This series has got the highest rating of 9.5 out of 10 in IMDB. Let’s know what the story is about, Matsya Thada (Ravii Dubey) is discovered burning the petroleum siphon distributed to his mom after his military man father loses his life in the Indo-Pak Kargil War. In jail, he tracks down a guide in Anand Pandit (Piyush Mishra) who utilizes the Mahabharata lessons to set him up for life outside jail after he finishes his sentence. His trick draws in the consideration of boss cop, ACP Tejraj Singh (Ravi Kishan), who’s committed to grab the rascal. Also from there on follows the wait-and-see game sprinkled with two or three con occupations.

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Survey: As the title demonstrates, the series spins around the ‘kaand’ (tricks) pulled off by Matsya with the assistance of interesting masks in various urgent circumstances. What’s more every scene has an extraordinary title, with regards to a fanciful person or basic circumstance, particularly from the Mahabharata.

What is additionally fascinating is the way Anand’s lessons from the incredible epic are described comparable to Matsya. For instance, the primary scene called ‘Abhimanyu’ attracts equals to the 16-year-youthful child of Arjuna and Subhadra who battles his direction into the Chakravyuha without knowing the exit plan while Matsya is attempting to escape from jail camouflaged as the prison administrator.

Despite the fact that banalities are extremely common, Shiv Singh’s screenplay keeps you snared. And keeping in mind that there are times when you’re ready to foresee, the story makes you anxiously expect what will occur straightaway.

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Bollywood has made a few major spending plan heist movies and one that immediately strikes a chord with the hero’s various looks is Dhoom 2, in which Hrithik Roshan resorts to numerous looks — including an elderly person, an extremely old cleaner to a midget and surprisingly a sculpture. In any case, chief Arun Bhuyan has made a good showing of portraying this feline and-mouse pursue of a cheat working in places like Meerut, Delhi and Jaipur and a boss cop behind him.

On occasion, the screenplay feels like it’s extending, as on account of the wagering arrangement. Credit to the entertainers for guaranteeing that the onscreen procedures at those occasions don’t turn into a yawnfest for the crowds.

Ravii Dubey finishes equity to his job and plays Matsya with conviction. He has adequately drawn out the chart of his person, from his more youthful days to the preparation years in jail and the sly fox outside. Ravi Kishan makes a fine showing of playing Tejraj Singh and the category of his person sets the wait-and-see game into action. Rajesh Sharma appears to savor his part as the abnormal wagering top dog Suri Saxena who remains determined to recuperate his contribution from losing players. Piyush Mishra, who’s played a narrator in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha (featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Paduone) is great as Anand Pandit, a Mahabharata lecturing convict who trains Matsya to utilize his cerebral muscles and become a scalawag to vindicate the wrongs done to him as opposed to killing them and making it simple for them to accomplish salvation. Zoya Afroz and Madhur Mittal are fair as Patsy’s partners Urvashi and Raju Rajeshwar individually and loan due help.

Creation plan by Saloni Dhatrak is great and cinematographer Manojh Reddy has suitably caught activity in the genuine areas of Delhi, Meerut, Jaipur and Sambhar where the story moves. Micky Sharma’s altering might have been crisper to accelerate the slacking parts.

The last two or three scenes of the show demonstrate that there’s something else to Matsya Kaand, and the game could get trickier and edgier in the following season. To summarize, Matsya Kaand is a fascinating watch for the drawing in storyline and viable exhibitions by Ravii Dubey, Ravi Kishan, Piyush and Rajesh.