In the remembrance of the late actress Surekha Sikri “Badhaai Ho”, National Award Winning movie will be screened at 52nd International Film Festival of India Goa (IFFIGOA) on 23rd November 2021. The late actress won the National Award for Best Supporting Actress for her best presentation in Badhaai Ho.

“Badhaai Ho”, which was an unexpected hit of the year 2018, was about a moderately aged couple who got pregnant, likely arousing a lot of dissatisfaction for their child. The film was directed by Amit Sharma and highlighted Sikri as the family’s authority Durga Devi and Khurrana as her grandson Nakul. Sikri proceeded to win a best supporting entertainer National Award for her presentation in the film.

Sikri had additionally won two National Awards for “Tamas” and “Mammo”. In her four-very long term, the entertainer worked in some widely praised films, for example, “Tamas”, “Mammo”, “Sardari Begum”, “Zubeidaa”, “Waterproof shell”, “Mr and Mrs. Iyer” and “Nazar”.