MS Dhoni, the former captain of India, has unveiled the first glimpse of the graphic novel ‘Atharva.’ The online series is based on Ramesh Thamilmani’s career as a writer. Dhoni Entertainment is backing the project, which is billed as a mythical sci-fi web series.

Dhoni can be seen fighting a demon-like army in a video posted by his official handle, with him leading the charge. Dhoni, who declared his retirement from international cricket in 2020, is now seeking for new opportunities. One such example is ‘Atharva.’ This venture was described as “an adaptation of an unpublished book by a debutant author” when it was unveiled in 2020. It has been described as a ‘thrilling series’ by Sakshi Dhoni, MS Dhoni’s wife and managing director of Dhoni Entertainment.

“The novel is a mythological science fiction adventure that follows the travels of a mysterious Aghori who has been imprisoned in a high-tech facility.” The secrets disclosed by this Aghori have the potential to change ancient myths, current beliefs, and future events.

“We want to make sure that we implement all facets of this universe as precisely as possible, bringing every protagonist and tale to the screen.” “We felt that a web series would be a better fit for our objective than converting it into a feature film,” Sakshi previously stated.

Dhoni is referred to as Alpha, whereas Sakshi is referred to as Alpha 1. “Mahi’s admiration for the army is well-known. We considered changing the labels and adding a unique twist by assigning rankings instead. It is a manifestation of our enthusiasm and respect for the armed forces “Sakshi had already addressed the situation.

‘Roar of the Lion ‘, which premiered on Hotstar, was also created by Dhoni Entertainment in 2019.

In IPL 2022, the four-time IPL winner Chennai Super Kings will be led by the great wicketkeeper batter. Last year, CSK won the IPL by defeating KKR under his captaincy.


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