Actor Kanga Ranaut has fully supported Deepika’s movie CHHAPAAK in which tells the story of an acid attack survivor. As we know Kangna’s sister Rangoli is also the survivor of this terrible acid attack. Kangna said the trailer of CHHAPAAK reminded her of the struggles that her sister Rangoli went through during that time. She not only talked about her feelings for this movie but also personally praised Deepika for making the movie on the survivors of the acid attack. Actor Kangna Ranaut and her family have personally experienced this acid attack incident. She also said this kind of film should be made more for public awareness and to educate them on how an acid attack victim survives in this battlefield of life.

After watching the movie all those courageous people who are fighting against an acid attack will find strength from this movie and also give a tight slap on the face of those who succeded in their deeds but not intensions to break the victims all in and out. As they managed to attack the face of the victims but their determination remains steady and strong.

I hope this new year will bring a fight against acid attackers and support for the victims hopefully someday our country would be free from all these violent activities.


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