Nach Baliye 9’s Most Popular X Couple Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh canl be eliminated this week of the show.  There are reports that a big bang is going to happen in the upcoming weekend episodes. On the set of Nach Baliye 9, judge Raveena Tandon was very angry with the behavior of Madhurima Tuli

There is news of Raveena Tandon scolding Madhurima. Pinkvilla wrote in his report quoting the source that before the performance, there was a fight between Madhurima and Vishal again. Angry actress refused to perform with Vishal. Angered by this, Raveena Tandon described Madhurima’s attitude as unprofessional. She became very angry at Madhurima.

Madhurima said that she does not want to perform with Vishal. Better than this, she would like to be out of the show. After which Raveena told the actress that she should complete her act. According to the news, Madhurima performed at the best of her but  Raveena, and  the judges did not like her at all.

In this performance of the elimination round, Shraddha Arya-Alam Makkar was with Madhurima-Vishal. Shraddha-Alam got the benefit of Madhurima-Vishal’s poor performance. They got safe and out of the Vishal-Madhurima show.

The actress’s mother’s reaction has come after Madhurima-Vishal’s show was eliminated. However, the episode has not turned on yet, so his mother has not confirmed the elimination. But it is definitely said that if the news of Madhurima-Vishal’s fight was in less headlines, then he could go till the end of the show.