Direct on Rajesh Khanna’s Biopic

Farah Khan, a Bollywood filmmaker, is all good to direct a movie based on Gautam Chintamani’s best-selling novel ‘Dark Star The loneliness of Being Rajesh Khanna‘. December 29th marks India’s first Superstar, Rajesh Khanna’s 79th birthday, the director-choreographer declared the movie which will be produced by Nikhil Dwivedi. Kaka, as he was affectionately known, became the country’s most iconic star and entertained the world as the true superstar.  


Finally, a biopic of the Bollywood Industry stalwart who launched 17 big blockbusters in a row and was well-liked among women, is in the making. Nikhil Dwivedi, the producer, has acquired the rights to Gautam Chintamani’s book, which previously topped the bestseller list. 

The love that Rajesh Khanna earned from the audience and his fans was unique and unexpected, something that had never been seen before nor seen since. Female fans were so obsessed with him that they used to write letters with their blood, marry his photographs and when he got married to Dimple Kapadia in March 1973 he broke the hearts of billions. 

The actor, who made his debut in Chetan Anand’s Aakhri Khat (1996), had a similar set of falling as well as an unprecedented success. And, ofcourse, let us not overlook his equally dramatic recovery.

Farah Khan will collaborate with author Gautam Chintamani on the script. However, no one has been no declaration on will be playing the role of Rajesh Khanna. No wonder that it will be difficult for any actor to fill the big shoe’s of India’s only big star, but if the actors sign up for the role and play it flawlessly. If that’s the case he’ll undoubtedly earn his own spot among the best actor nominees.


Nikhil Dwivedi said that, now he has the rights to Gautam Chintamani’s novel Dark Star and he is in negotiations with Farah Khan to adapt it into a movie. For the time being, that’s all he has. There will be a major announcement regarding this topic which will undoubtedly be shared with everyone. And he is very much excited to see Rajesh Khanna’s Biopic come to life on huge screens