Paresh Rawal has impressed us over the years, and it seems like his son, Aditya Rawal, is all set to follow in his footsteps. The senior actor recently opened up about how his son is getting work ‘through his own effort’ and how he doesn’t need his papa to recommend his name to anyone.

While praising his son for his discipline, focus, and dedication, the Hera Pheri actor also got candid about why he didn’t take the initiative to launch his launch. Spilling the beans about not having “that kind of money,” read on to know all he had to say.
In an interview with the Indian Express, Paresh Rawal opened up about not having enough funds to launch Aditya Rawal. Talking about how his son also doesn’t need his recommendation, the Hungama 2 actor said, “I did not launch him as my son because I don’t have that kind of money. To launch my son, you require big machinery. But isn’t this better? Through his own effort, he got noticed. People loved his work in Bamfaad. And now, he is working with Hansal Mehta. I mean, he is working with a director like him. So, his work is fetching his work. He doesn’t need his father’s recommendation.”