Mahesh Bhatt to present docuseries on true heroes titled Pehchaan – The Unscripted Show

When it comes to celebrity reality programs, the Indian viewer has seen a lot of them. However, programs about true heroes have been few and far between. With Mahesh Bhatt’s Pehchaan – The Unscripted Show, India will get a look into the life of true Indian heroes.

The Unscripted Show – Pehchaan is a 16-episode docudrama show about some of the world’s most illustrious Sikhs. The show will feature incredible tales of Sikhs such as Economist Montek Singh, Sant Seechewal, Saviour Singh Oberoi Sir, Sony CEO N.P Singh, Raju Chadha, Shanty Singh, and many others, with the goal of bringing Dr. Prabhleen Singh’s daily lives and interesting and inspiring journeys of Sikh community to the attention of people.

We wanted the public to see something real and uplifting in the aftermath of the Pandemic, therefore we decided to bring True Heroes to your screen. We expect it to be one of the year’s most influential and important events, according to the show’s creators.

What a challenging moment in the life of a world that was being inhabited; it was full of upheaval and terror. Despite this, it gleams with promise, originality, and tenderness. These thoughts came to me when I witnessed heroic Sikhs from all over the world step out during the outbreak and do things I could never have imagined. Every institution imaginable was unable to guide mankind through these dreadful times, including the God of signs, who had fallen to his knees. They were the ones who came out and tirelessly served their fellow people. The pictures of their kindness are burned into my heart and body, inspiring me to reach out to this heroic group that has served humanity for more than 500 years. I chose to interview these bold, humble, and compassionate folks so that people all across the world might receive a taste of faith while also learning about their rich history. They are what I refer to as the warriors of the twenty-first century. They only acquired from their mentors, and their forebears had handed them a legacy, Mahesh Bhatt explained.

As a homage to the visitors, the event will feature 16 heartfelt songs. Pehchaan – The Unscripted Show, directed by Suhrita and produced by his prodigy Vinay Bhardwaj, is a Shining Sun Studios production that will soon be available on an OTT platform.


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