In the 195th year of Mahatma Phule’s birth, the first glimpse of Phule was launched. The image has sparked a lot of interest because Pratik and Patralekhaa look a lot like Mahatma and Savitribai Phule. The activist-reformer had fought social evils and the class divide vigorously, creating the Satyashodhak Samaj (Society of Truth Seekers) to achieve equal rights for the lower castes. Women’s education was also pioneered by Savitribai and Mahatma Phule.

It’s a true honour to carry Mahatma Phule’s legacy to the globe. Phule is my first biopic, and despite the enormous obstacles that come with portraying such an outstanding Indian leader, it’s a dream part for me, and I can’t wait any longer. After hearing the narration, I recall saying yes right away. Some roles just come to you, and I’m grateful that Ananth sir brought this movie to me. It’s fantastic that Content Engineers and Dancing Shiva have taken on the task of informing millennials about a previously unknown aspect of Mahatma Jyotiba and Savitribai Phule’s lives, Partik said. 

Patralekhaa expressed her delight with the much-anticipated endeavour. Gender equality is really important to my heart because I was brought up in Shillong, Meghalaya, which has a matriarchal society. In 1848, Savitribai teamed up with her husband to open Pune’s first indigenously administered school for females. Mahatma Phule was a strong supporter of widow remarriage, and the two collaborated to establish an orphanage to avoid infanticide. This is one of those movies that will stick with me long after it’s finished.

There are so many heartwarming stories in our nation that are still undiscovered or being kept hidden by historians for various reasons. Movies are an excellent method to introduce young people to these hidden heroes. I couldn’t have asked for a greater cast and staff to back this production than Jyotiba and Savitri Phule, who are the pioneers of India’s revolutionary movement.

Anuya Chauhan Kudecha, Dr. Raj Kishor Khaware, Saurabh Varma, Pranay Chokshi, Utpaal Acharya, and Ritesh Kudecha bankrolled the movie Phule, which stars Pratik Gandhi and Patralekhaa and is helmed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan.


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