Priyanka Chopra declared a few years ago that she would be creating an American parody about Madhuri Dixit’s life after she gave up celebrity for a life in the US suburbs. The Sky Is Pink actress announced the news via social media, writing, One of my greatest elements of my profession is being able to share tales across genres, languages, and to a diverse audience. Today, in my work as a producer, I’m excited to share with you another step I’ve taken on that creative path. This narrative is one of a few Hollywood ventures that I’m working on right now.

The brilliant Madhuri Dixit’s real life has been the motivation behind Sri Rao’s amazing story, and I can’t wait to get started with both of them to see how this will pan out, Priyanka continued in her post. Creating a show for American television is new ground for me, but I’m fortunate to have a wonderful team in Mark Gordon Company’s Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper, as well as ABC Studios, to allow me to enhance and execute this extremely interesting concept. After having such a good experience with them on Quantico, this seemed like the natural next step in our relationship.

Madhuri has officially declared that the sitcom will not be made. Madhuri informed reporters in an interview session that the show hasn’t worked out. “Yes, there were continuous negotiations and we were attempting to pitch it,” she added, adding that Shri Rao, director of The Fame Game and writer of the show’s script, was also involved with the concept. But things can work sometimes and don’t work sometimes. We attempted unsuccessfully to have that show approved.”

“The series we’re referring to wasn’t really my biography,” she clarified. It was a mix of fantasy and real life. They planned to use details from my life, such as the fact that I was a B-town actress before moving to Denver, where no one knew who I was. It would demonstrate what occurs in such a scenario. But it’s finished, and we’re no longer working on it.”

Madhuri’s life after she left her prominent Bollywood profession and settled in Denver, Colorado, with her spouse was meant to be the subject of the episode. The story was based on her lifestyle in the American suburbs in the mid-2000s, and how she dealt with fame and notoriety.


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