After keeping his fans waiting for over a year now, Rajinikanth has finally released his films, ‘DARBAAR’. This film is directed by the AR Murugadoss. As expected it drew a large number of people to the theatres. The film has opened with positive reviews and it’s receiving a loud response from the audience. People on social media are also going crazy over the Rajinikanth Stardom.


Director Murugadoss turns Darbaar into a celebration of Rajinikanth, the superstar. Murugadoss gives us a cop film that is a full package of commercial, action, and drama. The film’s strongest point is the father-daughter scenes between Nivetha Thomas which makes this relationship endearing.


Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty was cast for the lead antagonist role, who appears in his second Tamil film after 12B. In this film, Sunil Shetty is the main villain against the Rajinikanth’s which the revenge all the more exciting.


This movie is fully filled by Rajinikanth’s trademark playfulness. Murugadoss gets Rajinikanth’s to remark on his age ” Age is just a number to one with confidence”. This film has a solid middle section, filled with emotions and worthy moments, including training college, where we get to see Rajini flexing his muscles and action sequence set in a railway station.


There is a vulnerability in Rajinikanth’s character. And his infectious energy and different style keep us rooting for his character.



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