Luv Ranjan’s untitled next, featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in the major parts, has just two additional dates prior to wrapping shoot in the middle of the year, one in Delhi and Mumbai and the other in Spain. In the movie, Dimple Kapadia and Boney Kapoor will fill the role of Ranbir’s parents.

 Luv Ranjan is getting hitched in February and is presently preparing for the big day. The small wedding, which was supposed to take place earlier this month with only close relatives and friends in attendees, was supposedly delayed due to the third wave. Luv will get right back into the Ranbir-Shraddha shoot after the wedding and a little break, as there are just two major schedules left (one Indian and the other international), after which the film will conclude. The March schedule (the penultimate) is a two-week affair that will take place in Delhi and Mumbai during the first week of March, following Luv’s wedding. There are still a few key emotional scenes involving Ranbir, Shraddha, Dimple, and Boney at the Delhi airport. The actors and crew will then return to Mumbai to complete the remaining schedule on set.”

After the film has reached around 80% completion. The unit, along with the full star cast, will fly to Spain for the final schedule in May or June, after which the romcom will be completed. Following the Delhi schedule, the actors and crew of the film are planning a summer shoot in Spain, where a portion of the tale takes place. During the month-long shoot, a few music with Ranbir and Shraddha, as well as dramatic moments with Ranbir, his parents, and the cast members, are assumed to be cut. Spain serves as a significant backdrop for a portion of the romcom. Ranbir has finished shooting Brahmastra and wants to finish Luv’s Indian schedule before moving on to Sandeep Venga Reddy’s Animal, where he needs to look a certain way. Aside from the pandemic, it’s been difficult to coordinate the star cast’s schedules, particularly those of Boney and Dimple, who play significant roles in the film and are both busy with their own projects.”

Last September, Ranbir, Shraddha, Boney, and Dimple shot for Luv Ranjan’s film at several locales in Mumbai for almost a month. The shoot includes a handful of romantic songs, as well as a few days with Boney and Dimple (who play Ranbir’s parents). The untitled romcom began filming in Noida in January 2021, when Luv Ranjan built a massive set of a cottage in Noida, Delhi, where he shot all of the inside family scenes starring Ranbir Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Boney Kapoor, and Dimple  before wrapping the first schedule in a strict bio-bubble in the first week of February.



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