Rangoli Chandel recently called out Alia Bhatt and her parents Mahesh Bhatt, Soni Razdan for various reasons on social media. Rangoli Chandel is a sister of Kangana Renault had accused Mahesh Bhatt of throwing a chappal at Kangana, Rangoli targeted Alia and Soni for not holding the citizenship of India, not for saying anything and also thrashed Alia Bhatt by badmouthing her movies and performances.

When Alia was asked to say something on it, she commented: “If I am like this, then my parents are ten times more mature and stronger than me. I don’t want to get into this matter. I just want to be happy, positive, work hard and be a better version of myself every time, every day. I will not pay any attention to what people say or don’t say. Everybody has the right to say what they want to. I will be quiet, that’s my stand.”

And on that Rangoli replied: “I really hope you go, quiet darling, you and Papa Jo have milked enough backhand PR from this, please take a seat now,”

Rangoli further accused aliya and said: Snatching others work and opportunities every day, begging and pleading makers to cast, playing games and using connections to grab fils doing backhand PR and on surface behaving like a sheep, as if people are idiots not to see through this.