Rangoli Chandel who stay in news more than her sister, Kangana Ranaut who is an amazing actress has once again said something controversial.

this time she has taken her taunting expertise to international grounds by calling Forbes India the international magazine a fraud and lier.

according to news, Forbes India recently issued a list of top 100 celebrities of Bollywood in year 2019in which Virat Kohli topped the list by being tagged India’s most earning celebrity of the year 2019.

Kangana Ranaut filled the spot 70th, and we guess rangoli Chandel got anguish as she tweeted that Forbes India is a fraud and she challenged them to prove income of anyone celebrity they have mentioned in their list.

on the other note celebrities such as Ranveer Singh Alia Bhatt, Deepika also managed to be the top 10 celebrities to the same list.

Akshay Kumar’s first time in all came on the 2nd position shifting Salman khans spot to 3.