Ranveer Singh and thats what is required to make the fans go and heap their seat belts in the theatres. Ranveer’s much anticipated and awaited movie has been featured on big screens. Well it is to be seen that there is a mix wrap up of reviews what is being seen. Well some are liking it and some are not liking it.
Speaking of the the theme, the movie is based on women empowerment. It all begins with a basic family drama. The movie is focused on misanthrope and also highlights the segments of patriarchal society in today’s era. Where the main character Jayesh Bhai Jordaar, makes an attempt to save his girl child by fightining with not only the thoughts of the society but also the fragments of misconception in the society. Well speaking of the movie, it’s a comedic genre movie which later enlightens the social issue of” women empowerment”.
The movie is also shows a affectionate side of a father to save his daughter from the misconceptions of the society and fight for her rights. The basic demand is just equality between men and women. The movie is a perfect descriptor   to make the fans laugh with it’s epic comedy style and also gives a social message later. It’s a perfect combination of what makes a film. It’s called as one of the best performance of Ranveer Singh, as he depicted and got the character entangled with him so well.
After the initial screenings, fans flocked to Twitter to share their reactions to the film, which they had seen in theatres. While watching the movie at the theatre, one of the fans tweeted that it was hilarious and praised Ranveer Singh’s performance. Another admirer said the movie was fantastic, adding that Ranveer Singh should be applauded for taking on such a challenging role, while another said it was intriguing for him to watch the movie because only the first 30 minutes had the tale shown in the trailer. The movie is directed by debutant Shalini Pandey and produced by Maneesh Sharma.


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