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An exclusive report came out that Yash Raj Films (YRF), the movie makers of the film Prithviraj, have now chosen to delay the release date of their film. The makers of the movie are already getting a good and positive response for their movie and they know that this film is surely going to hit the box office and is a big budget film which no one can dare to take a chance to lay a bet with. Prithviraj will highly support and help in bringing audiences back to the theatres so, nobody is ready to release the film at such a crucial time when the purpose won’t be fulfilled. Business wise too, it doesn’t make sense to play with a film that will make a banging impression at the box office. 

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The Production house and makers of this movie were waiting till the last minute to see whether the circumstances in India and outside get better, but the rapidity with which Coronavirus cases are escalating, it compelled them to hold on to the title. Everyone is waiting patiently and keeping an eye on Prithviraj to make a new record by setting a breakthrough in the post pandemic period. YRF will put this project out only when it can hit the box office on fire, added by the source.


Apart from Akshay Kumar there is Manushi Chillar who is making her debut with this film in Bollywood, It’s an star studded film and we can see the likes of Sonu Sood and Sanjay Dutt as well in the movie. The teaser had already been released a long time back on 15th of November, 2021 by Yash Raj Films and the teaser received a really good response from the audience. The source had reported recently that the trailer of the movie was expected to release on 27th of December, 2021 but it was put off as the makers of the movie were observing the Covid – 19 circumstances. 

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Unfortunately this is the second time that a film Akshay Kumar’s playing got delayed days before the release due to the pandemic. ‘Suyravanshi’ was all set to release on 25th of March,2020 but due to lockdown and crisis the country had to undergo, release date of the movie was pushed forward. Later, it took 1½ year for Suryavanshi to finally release.