Richa Chadha gives chance to young talent to showcase their talent |  Bollywood - Hindustan Times

It is hard to get a platform to showcase talent when it comes to showbiz or films or on small screen. Actor Richa Chadha has decided to solve this problem.

She has initiated a move where she will be giving young artists and performers a chance to showcase their talent.

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She is using ‘The Kindry’, a social media initiative to give voice to young and hidden talent.

“There is talent in abundance that is not getting the right amount of exposure even with multiple platforms available today,” says Chadha.

She gave this explanation while giving the thought behind the expansion of her initiative through which she amplifies stories of hope and selflessness in these turbulent times of Covid-19 pandemic.

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She has offered a chance to young artists to showcase their talent during live sessions with everyday heroes on its social media page as a part of her artistic community-building drive.

“Thankfully, my friend and collaborator, Krishan Jagota knows several people in the artistic community, who are always so generous with their talent and time. Here, we believe in conversations, community building and music really helps with that,” notes the 34-year-old, who is set to start shooting for the third instalment of Fukrey.

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In these sessions, she invites the performers to come on virtual gig in between the conversations. She then shares the footage of her own page once the live is over.

She continues, “Music has no language. Whenever a budding musician dedicates a song to our hero, it makes them smile. It creates a very loving space and I am happy about that.”

Earlier, she also celebrated the essence of the Pride month through the initiative and also highlighted the need to have conversations around the community by bringing stories of many LGBTQIA+ heroes.