By analyzing what people saw at their homes during the lock down, TV channel officials are now preparing their new programs. Star Plus has prepared to launch the second season of its popular program ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ by collecting all the data of customers using OTT. The show’s lead actress Devolina Bhattacharjee has also released its teaser.

Devolina, popularly known as Gopi Bahu among her fans, gained considerable fame in Bigg Boss 13. After this, she is now returning to TV. On social media, Devolina shared the teaser of the show, saying, “We have returned to the public’s great demand.” This tagline has also inspired social media and OTT watchers to investigate it.

Experts of OTT technology say that whatever is going on abroad now in the country abroad, it also keeps gathering information of the audience and customers in a way. Who logged in from which area and for what long, what did they see, all these are stored in OTT’s Artificial Intelligence. According to this choice, OTT not only keeps showing its customers new old programs on the home page, but using this data, OTT operators also prepare new programs.

The last season of ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ ended in 2017, the event recently became a subject of discussion on social media recently, when one of its lines ‘Rasoi mein Kaun Tha’ got tremendous buzz on social media. Some politicians also used it in TV debates. On this line, Mim became the creator and Yash Raj Mukhate named Mim Creator made a song on it. Sources in Star Plus reveal that all this jatan was done intentionally and this also led to testing the mood of the audience before the launch of the show.Those who test the sentiments of citizens through social media and internet believe that most of the citizens of India have now made up their mind to live with Corona. Most of them are taking precautions while going out and those who are not working outside are feeling more secure staying at home. The increase in viewership of TV and OTT in the Corona era has also brought new opportunities for those making TV and web series.