Indian National Badminton player Saina Nehwal’s dad Harvir Singh on Tuesday demanded an apology from Siddharth for his so-called derogatory remarks made for his daughter.


Saina’s father said that “A person from the cinema Industry has made some bad remarks against Saina on Twitter.” I damned his comment. He needs to make an apology in front of everyone. In fact our family is distressed. Saina as well is sad.

This happened after Saina’s father criticized Actor Siddharth for using such inappropriate terms. On Monday during an assertion to the portal,  Sania’s father mentioned that, I have gone through each and every single thing said by the actor which was completely wrong. I came to know that he is a really big star in the South, and it’s very wrong being a public figure and using such inappropriate terms. 

He went to Delhi where Saina currently is. She is getting ready for the India Open 2022. Adding to his statement he said, I spoke to her on a call and she told me that she too is not okay about someone writing such a thing regarding her. The National Commission for Women, an organisation that came in support of Saina, stated that it’s truly disrespectful to see such  wrong words coming from a nobleman like him. 

sania nehwals father slams siddharth for his tweet

 The actor on his twitter retweeted a post of Saina Nehwal in which she had shown her worry over the safety violation of our PM Narendra Modi during his tour to Punjab on 5th of January. 

Lifting her worry over the PM’s escort being blocked for 15-20 mins in Punjab, Bathinda due to the blockage of road by objecting farmers. She tweeted that not even a single country can call itself to be a secure county if the safety of its own PM gets violated. 

 Later the same post was re-tweeted by Siddharth where he wrote, Subtle cock champion of the world…… Thank God we have protectors of India. Folded hands. Shame on you Rihanna.”

The actor answered to the controversy that he did not have any intention to dishonour anyone and his tweet carried no such implication. Not even a single discourteous thing intentionally said.