When Salman Khan is in the mood, he is known to be quite generous. He’s recognised for being a yaaron ka yaar, going above and beyond for close pals. Salman has had a long-standing friendship with Telugu actor Chiranjeevi, whom he has idolised since he was a teenager. In fact, while Chiranjeevi’s kid Ram Charan was filming Zanjeer in Mumbai for his Bollywood debut, Salman had food delivered to Ram Charan’s set each and  every day.

Salman has made it plain that he will not accept a single rupee for his participation in the Chiranjeevi starrer Godfather, where he will make a very special guest appearance, an extended cameo. “Chiranjeevi’s producers offered to pay Salman Rs. 15-20 crores for his cameo role in Godfather,” a source connected to the film reveals. Salman, on the other hand, was adamant. He informed Chiranjeevi that if they insisted on compensating him, he wouldn’t do the cameo. ‘Would you charge for a role in my movie if I asked you to do it?’ Salman asked Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi was stunned and speechless by the question.

Salmon Khan reportedly has a 20-minute cameo in Godfather. He’ll be working on set for a week.

Konidela Production Company and Super Good Films are producing this forthcoming Telugu-language political action thriller directed by Mohan Raja. Lucifer is an adaptation of the Malayalam film of the same name (2019). The film stars Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, and Satyadev Kancharana in the lead roles. It also marks Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s Telugu debut, as he appears in a pivotal role in the film.

S.Thaman composed the soundtrack for the movie, and Nirav Shah is the cinematographer. The movie’s principal photography began in August 2021, with locations including Hyderabad, Ooty, and Mumbai.


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