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Renowned movie maker Satyajit Ray’s manuscript of his masterpiece ‘Ghare Baire’ is all ready to soon release. 

The calligraphy was ready to release during the time of his birth centenary but experienced problems due to the heavy flow of Covid 19 crisis all over the nation. Stars like Swatilekha Sengupta, Soumitra Chatterjee and Victor Banerjee and many other actors played different role of the 1985 outstanding drama movie. 

the ghare baire script was scheduled to be released at the wbfja awards on january 16 to mark satyajit rays birth centenary

According to sources, the West Bengal Film Journalist Association (WBFJA)  stated that they soon will be launching the actual manuscript of ‘Ghare Baire’ produced by Satyajit Ray. The general secretary of West Bengal Film Journalist Association, Nirmal Dhar said the vent that the calligraphy has been retrieved with the help of Satyajit Ray’s relatives and the binding procedure of copies is set to start shortly. On 16th of January the script was actually arranged to be released during WBFJA awards. 

It was all ready to streak on satyajit Ray’s 100th birth anniversary, but due to Covid 19 circumstances the occasion is on a doubt to setback. 

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The 1985 drama stick to the tale of a merrily wedded woman being cheered up by her husband to pursue education. Although, the tale takes a spin when a radical man set foot into their life proving to be an obstacle in their connection. The movie is set in the scenery of the freedom movement and boycotting of overseas things in India.

The Famous Satyajit Ray is well-known for his entire donation to Indian movie and he known as the magnificent movie maker of all time. Few of his honoured works comprise Proshakha, Apu Trilogy, Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne, Charulata, Chiriyakhana, Shakha and many more. All over his profession, the movie maker produced around 36 movies as well as 2 short movies, 29 feature movies, 5 documentaries.