As the release of her upcoming movie “Thalaivii” which is rumoured to be about the life of Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s life approaches its release, Kangana Ranaut has requested the government of Maharashtra to re-open the theatres. Kangana Ranaut went to Twitter urging the Shri Uddhav Thackeray led government to reopen the theatres in Maharashtra, now that covid cases are constantly declining and save the film industry from dying. 

While other big multiplex denied the screening of the actresses upcoming film stating the concern regarding the date gap between the release of the movie on OTT platforms and on the big screen. PVR, one of the biggest multiplex chains in the country on 4th September, Saturday approved the screening of only Tamil and Telugu versions of Kangana’s upcoming movie.


Kangana also posted a story on Instagram that said; “Thalaivii is a theatrical experience hopefully Hindi multiplexes will also play it. I am confident it will bring audiences back to the theatres.

As the Thalaivii trailer has already grabbed every viewers attention there are speculations that the movie could be the biggest release in the month of September. Thalaivii is set to be released on 10th September 2021.