Shah Rukh Khan has confirmed that he will work with Rajkumar Hirani on the director’s next film, Dunki. Shah Rukh Khan put to rest any rumors about his next movie after Pathaan on Tuesday. The actor announced his partnership with filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani in a film called Dunki in an Instagram video. In his social media post, the actor also tagged Taapsee, implying that she may be the co-star.

Shah Rukh Khan took to Instagram to post a video of himself conversing with the filmmaker. Shah Rukh is shown in the video standing in front of a wall covered in posters from Hirani’s films. He is joined by the filmmaker as he admires the posters. Ranbir Kapoor in and as Sanju, Aamir Khan as PK, and Sanju baba (Sanjay Dutt), of course, as Munnabhai MBBS, he says as he asks Shah Rukh what he’s looking at. Such well-known characters. Do you have anything similar for him? Shah Rukh becomes enthusiastic when Hirani says he has a script and asks whether it has comedy, emotion, and romance in it. The director answers okay to the first two, but encourages Shah Rukh to refrain from using his famous open arms.

The director then announces the title of the film: Dunki. Sharukh wonders what he’s making, a dejected Shah Rukh muses to himself. But, whatever it is, simply take it. The film then cuts to a visual of an airplane’s shadow across a patch of land while the word Dunki appears on the ground.

For a long time, Shah Rukh Khan had been rumoured to be working with Rajkumar Hirani. Many admirers speculated that the actor’s recent clean-shaven appearance at Baba Siddique’s Iftaar celebration was his new look for Hirani’s flick. While that portion is still unknown, the fact that the two are coming together is now known. Dunki reportedly stars Taapsee Pannu, whose name was mentioned in Shah Rukh’s social media post. Before that, Shah Rukh will play alongside Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in the action thriller Pathaan. The film, directed by Siddharth Anand, will be released on January 25, 2023.



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