After Ranbir Kapoor’s first look made headlines now it’s time for the Sanjay Dutt’s first look of the movie, who has already given us some of the finest epic villains on the silver screen introduces us to Shudh Singh in the movie Shamshera, a more malevolent, threatening, cruel, and cold-hearted brutal force of nature. In this action-comedy, Sanjay plays Ranbir Kapoor’s adversary, and he has thoroughly enjoyed being the bad guy!

According to Sanjay, “Playing the villain is always fascinating because you get to break the rules and bend them. I came to see that there are restrictions or moral bounds when you portray the antagonist. You’re capable of causing trouble. A personality created on paper can be played however you like. I enjoy playing the bad guy a lot, and fortunately, audiences have so far praised my portrayals of a hero’s adversary.

After the Shamshera teaser hit the internet, Sanjay garnered favorable reviews for his shiver-inducing performance! Shudh Singh is a persona that you’ve never seen on screen, he claims. He is unquestionably bad. He is dangerous, unreliable, and will stop at nothing to cause trouble. I was honoured that Karan Malhotra chose me to portray this villain as he was developing the character. He gave me free rein to create Shudh Singh, and I believe people would appreciate my efforts.

Since the young actor had portrayed Sanju in Ranbir’s last movie four years prior, Sanjay was overjoyed to learn about the casting surprise in Shamshera that would match him against the star! Sanju vs. Sanju will therefore be on display in Shamshera, which has grown to be an eagerly awaited on-screen confrontation between the two! The fact that I’m battling against Ranbir, who portrayed me in Sanju, is also extremely intriguing, he adds. Thus, people are now even more interested in the on-screen rivalry between him and I. Ranbir is a fantastic actor, but this movie gives us a fresh perspective on him. However, in this movie, he plays a person who finds his footholds and looks magnificent on screen. His boyish allure is unrivalled.


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