Bollywood actor and model Sherlyn Chopra took to her Twitter handle and shared a tweet in which she accused the filmmaker Sajid Khan of sexual harassment.

Bollywood actor-model Sherlyn Chopra took to her Twitter handle and accused filmmaker Sajid Khan of sexual harassment on Monday. In a brief tweet, Chopra recalled her meeting with Sajid Khan in 2005, after the death of the former’s father. As per her tweet, Sajid had asked her ‘to feel’ his privates.

She further added that while refusing Sajid’s demand, she told him that the purpose of her meeting with him was not to feel  him up. Along with the allegations she also shared an article that talked about the Death in Bollywood documentary in which the late Jiah Khan’s sister also accuses him.


A video from ‘Death In Bollywood‘  where Jiah’ssister  said: It was a rehearsal, she was reading the scripts and he asked her to take off her top and her bra. She didn’t know what to do, she said ‘the filming hasn’t even begun yet and this is happening.’ She came home and cried. She said, ‘I have a contract, and if I leave, he’ll sue me and slander my name and if I stay then I’ll be sexually harassed, it is a lose-lose situation.’ So, she did do the film. Jiah’ssister also claimed that when she accompanied Jiahto Sajid’s house one day, he made extremely inappropriate remarks about her. She was around 16 years old at the time.

On Tuesday, sherlyn went on to say, “It’s not an accusation but the disclosure of a fact. Our phone records of the past may be checked regarding the same.”

Sajid Khan’s name came out many times during the ongoing #MeToo movement that stormed India. The Housefull franchise director was accused by models, actresses, and a freelance Bollywood journalist for sexual misconducts.

A video clip featuring late actor Jiah Khan’s (Whose death is a big mystery) sister Karishma from BBC’s documentary Death In Bollywood began doing rounds on social media, in which she accused the director of sexually harassing her sister.

In follow up tweets Chopra alleged that Khan is backed by “superstars” of Bollywood who will vouch for his character. “It’s my word against theirs.”

Not only this but prior to this too multiple women have accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment.