Well, the most-awaited Pollywood movie ‘ALLAHR VRES,’ directed by ace director Shivamm Sharma and produced by Top Hill Movies, is coming super soon. The story revolves around a young adolescent-college romance. It’s a young love story starring Armaan Bedil, a much-loved and adored singer, and Jaanvir Kaur, a newcomer to the profession. The film will serve as a Debut for both of the central protagonists, and production is planned to begin on February 12, 2022.

K.S. Randhawa wrote the story, while Hanspal Singh and Jass Brar wrote the screenplay and dialogues, accordingly. ‘Bachan Bedil,’ a well-known lyricist, wrote the lyrics for the film’s music track.

During the media conference for the unveiling of the about movie , the entire cast and crew members expressed their joy and discussed their expectations for the movie and the public.

When asked about the film, singer and now actor Armaan Bedil said, “I’m very much happy and looking forward to playing my part in this movie.” My character blew me away when I initially got this script. “I am convinced that this personality will be adored by the viewers.”

Jaanvir Kaur also spoke about her first film and expressed her delight at landing the role. “I’m privileged to be a part of this movie, and I’m thrilled to be sharing the screen with Armaan Bedil, Punjab’s most well-known vocalist.” Since I first read the script, this film has grabbed my curiosity. I’m hoping that people will watch this movie with their family members and friends and remember similar experiences.”

“We are certain that Allahr Vres will evoke all of the emotions in everyone,” the Top Hill Movies expressed their joy. The songs in the film are, of course, another compelling reason to see it because it is bursting with pleasure, colour, and love.

Let’s see how much love this movie will gain by the audience.


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