The elegant and graceful diva, Sonakshi Sinha has just uploaded some beautifully captured pictures from the bash of launch event of her brand SOEZI. The bash was was attend by several known faces like Iulia Vantur, Anshula Kapoor, Huma Qureshi and Patralekha.

Sonakshi Sinha has hit the rock earlier by sharing some beautiful captured photos where she was seen highlighting a ring and she was posing alongside a man’s hand and shoulder. The post just brought with it the rumours about Sonakshi’s engagement. The whole of the social media started speculating until the real news was revealed.
The the diva took off the plot and later it was known that in those pictures she was flaunting here nails not the ring. The actress has managed to introduce her own brand named, “SOEZI”. The actress has launched this product under beauty and care genre. Well with this the diva has joined the group of actress who not only do films but also are entrepreneurs. The news was revealed when the actress shared the pictures from the bash which she conducted for inaugurating   her brand “SOEZI”.
SOEZI brings a better choice for people who believe in being sassy, trendy, and confident while having fun, you can now have effortless and stunning nails like a diva. As a premium brand that excels in unrestricted colour schemes, one-of-a-kind designs, and high-quality tips, SOEZI strikes the right chord. The “EziON & EziOFF Experience” and a “Ready to Wear” set with 20 universal press-on nail tips are available from the brand.Sonakshi Sinha and Srishti Raai are the colourful, outgoing, and relaxed boss ladies behind SOEZI. Srishti’s goal aligned with that of the Bollywood actress, who desired a business that would offer a quick fix and hassle-free solution to beautify her nails while getting ready. SOEZI was founded as a result of Srishti’s discovery and Sonakshi Sinha’s search for a solution.
The brand’s mission is to make elegance accessible, affordable, and easy to apply, and it is devoted to developing more such items in the future. Sonakshi Sinha’s unique and eccentric silver screen roles have set records, and her individuality is often mirrored in her makeup, hair, and particularly her nail beauty! This Bollywood diva loves primped nails, but she quickly discovered that maintaining manicured nails that complement every attire, mood, and occasion is a difficult effort! As a result, she stepped in and established SOEZI.


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