During a task, Sonali Phogat used an abusive word, without naming anyone, and Rubina Dilaik got extremely angry.

Bigg Boss 14 contestants Rubina Dilaik and Sonali Phogatindulged  in an ugly fight on Friday’s episode of the reality show, hosted by Salman Khan. Even Sonali’s daughter was dragged in the argument after Sonali used an abusive word.

The promotional video for Friday’s episode opens with a voice-over informing that the housemates managed to get yet another task cancelled, by breaking rules. Bigg Boss then announced that there will be no captaincy and immunity tasks for the entire season as the participants kept breaking rules all the time. The footage abruptly ends at Bigg Boss starting to announce something more dramatic.

The video then takes us to the ugly fight between Sonali and Rubina. During a task where they had to fly kites, Sonali had reportedly said that whoever cuts her kite is “haram***.

Sonali did not name anyone while using the abusive word, but Rubina was extremely offended. Rubina yelled at Sonali, criticising the use of abusive word and said, “Aise kaise bolsakti hai, beti hai. Wo bhi ma hai ek beti ki (How could she say such things? She, too, has a daughter)?” Sonali has been picking fights with people in the house, after she was nominated for evictions recently.

Even On Thursday’s episode, Rubina had an ugly fight with Eijaz Khan after she suggested certain changes in food habits of the housemates. Eijaz got angry that Rubina should not tell people what and how much to eat.