In view of a strangely evident marvel,” the secret of Stree guarantees. The film, featuring Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao, will hit the performance centers of August 31.

The one-minute clasp takes you through an abandoned path, with the words “O stree, kal aana” composed outside each house. Toward the end, the camera zooms out, and the outline of a lady with her feet lingering palpably can be seen.

From its looks, the “strangely evident marvel” alluded to in the mystery is “Nale Ba”. The Legend has it that in the 1990s, preceding Bengaluru turned into the dynamic and happening place that it is today, a  witch used to wander the avenues of the city and chase for the prey.

Obviously, she would thump on entryways during the evening, and shout to the individual inside in the voice of a friend or family member. Whoever was sufficiently guileless to really open the entryway would bite the dust in the following 24 hours.

Word spread, and soon, it was being dealt with as the honest to goodness truth. Frenzy spread among the general population until the point that an answer was found – “Nale ba”. Nale ba, which signifies ‘come tomorrow’ in Kannada, was composed on the way to avoid the detestable soul. It was trusted that the witch would arrive, see the engraving, and leave.

This legend was so broadly accepted to be the reality that April 1 is commended in a few sections of Bengaluru as ‘Nale Ba Day’.