Internationally acclaimed Indian performer and singer Sukhwinder Singh is all set to fire the stage on November 19th at Dastaan-e-Shahadat, Sri Chamkaur Sahib. As the world is working its direction back to a degree of predictability, the music industry is additionally attempting to give back joy through music and entertainment.  

He is sure this collaboration will leave an enduring satisfaction to the audiences and be an incredible interruption in keeping them engaged after so long. It will be an incredible way to connect with every music lover across the world. 

He further said, that anybody in this world who is accomplishing something positive, creative, and is dedicated or not, these kinds of people motivate me. These sorts of people rouse me to accomplish something great each and every day. Sharing his views to the audiences he said, everything is working out wonderfully in support of yourself, regardless of whether the circumstance appears to be turbulent, you must believe that.  The state art of Dastaan-e-Shahadat portrays the stunning and amazing history of Sikhs from ‘Pehli Patshahi to Dasvin Patshahi’ and Heritage road at Chamkaur Sahib.

This theme park consists of  11 galleries equipped with the ultra modern devices, for example, spinning theatre , vault , Static set , live studio, combination of set and live shoot, set with paintings, 360 degree with rotating tables, Hologram with projection, planning 270 degree and 3d movement.