Recently, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) filed a complaint against Yash Raj Films Pvt Ltd in objection to excluding the song Jabra Fan from Shah Rukh Khan starrer movie Fan and demanded the producer to pay a compensation of Rs 10,000 along with litigation cost of Rs 5,000.

Reportedly, Yash Raj Films filed an appeal challenging the order of NCDRC and a hearing took place regarding the entire issue of concern on 20th September.

Now, the apex court has passed the verdict in favour of the NCDRC after hearing from both sides. The Supreme Court on Monday stayed that Yash Raj Films Pvt Ltd will have to pay Rs 10,000 as compensation along with the litigation cost of Rs 5000 as demanded by the NCDRC.

Various sources revealed that, the complaint was filed because a consumer was reportedly aggrieved by the removal of the song in a Bollywood movie.