Madhuri Dixit’s web show The Fame Game debuted today on a OTT streaming platform, marking the Dhak Dhak lady of B-town’s first foray into the realm of web show and OTT. Apart from Madhuri, Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Muskkaan Jaferi, Rajshri Deshpande, and Lakshvir Saran play a key role in the show. The eight-part series narrates the story of renowned actress Anamika Anand, who goes missing, and how the facade of her perfect life crumbles to disclose the family’s deepest secrets.

It has only been a day since the show premiered, but netizens have already spoken their opinions. Audiences appear to be ecstatic about Madhuri Dixit’s digital debut and comeback to the cinema after over three years, based on their tweets. The other actors of the cast, including Sanjay Kapoor and Manav Kaul, were also praised by the Twitterati.

Anamika Anand, a Bollywood diva who goes missing after an award show, is played by Madhuri Dixit. As cop Shobha (Rajshri Deshpande) probes the matter with a noticeable hatred for the Bollywood milieu, the episodes jump back and forth in time, revealing a little about Anamika’s life in the past while clouding her present. As she learns more about Anamika’s past, Shobha’s dislike for the flash and glamour of Tinseltown gradually transforms into a grudging and warm respect for her.

Saran plays Avi, a character with his fair share of serious problems, including a tumultuous connection with his mother. Saran’s acting as Avi is one of the more touching portions of a show where most of the protagonists are deceptive or out of their depth. 

Amara, played by Jaaferi, has mommy issues as a result of her desire to be as famous and desired as her mother, yet having to live in her shadow. Jaaferi’s personality evolves from lovely to nasty in a slow-burning manner, which is pretty interesting to watch.

Overall, the show is engaging due to the skills of its ace star cast, all of them are the  best. Every cast gives their personalities depth. If you haven’t watched it yet you probably should watch this series.


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