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The film ‘The Illegal’ is a story about a boy from India who wants to become a filmmaker but due to societal pressure cannot fulfil his dreams. The film is being directed by Danish Renzu. The film stars Suraj Sharma, Adil Hussain, Shweta Tripathi Sharma.

The lead role in the film is played by Suraj Sharma. He has definitely stood on the expectations of the director with his great performance.

The film begins with Hassan leaving from Delhi to Los Angeles for higher studies. His mother and sister support the decision but his father does not support him as for him people from middle-class family cannot go abroad for studies.

UKAFF 2020: The Illegal Movie Review | Filme Shilmy

After this, when Hassan reaches US, his struggles to survive in the country start.

He has taken admission in an expensive college and is now facing financial problems abroad. He also faces betrayal from another Indian Immigrant.

Till this part, the movie leaves the audience with a question that if one has to face so many problems while working on his/her dreams, should he/she stop dreaming.

The Illegal Movie Review: Suraj Sharma pays the price of his American dream  - Movies News

In one of the scenes in the movie, Hassan talks about the vicious cycle in which the immigrants get caught.

In another scene, we can see that his mother supports him when he is at the worst stage in his life by giving him words of wisdom and encouragement.

The film has been on the global festival circuit since 2019 and is now available to the Indian public on Amazon Prime Video.

In the trailer that was released earlier, we could see that Hassan (Suraj) got admission in a big college for filmmaking in US. He gets a part time job as well. His sister supports him throughout. He also falls in love with a girl in US. He gets into a fight with his co-worker and gets fired from the work.

The pressure of carrying a family’s hopes, the monetary struggles, the pride-swallowing experience of working odd jobs as an immigrant add to the suffering. The trailer captures the many shades of darkness that haunt immigrant students trying to make their way through the American system, with little financial backing and a lot of determination. In the trailer we can also see that Suraj breaks his camera as well.