On Wednesday, the first glimpse posters for director Vivek’s Quotation Gang, which stars Priyamani, Jackie Shroff, Sunny Leone, and Sara Arjun, were revealed. The show’s characters posters pull no punches, depicting the characters as bleeding and wounded, a direct reference to their ordeals.

The posters will define the plot, and we’ve planned them in such a way that they don’t reveal too much about the film, filmmaker Vivek told the sources. 

Despite the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, the movie was being created by Filminati Entertainment and Whistleman Films Production in collaboration with Sri Guru Jothi Films.

Vivek said, Because the picture has been in the works for a long time, we had to look at a lot of topics.We couldn’t afford to lose the continuity, which was difficult because the entertainers had to appear the same when the filming restarted. They were, however, all on the same path and backed me up wholeheartedly. Jackie Shroff is such a generous person who was on the sets even when he wasn’t filming for his parts. 

The film was shot in a variety of locations, including Mumbai and Kashmir. We shot near Dal Lake, where the weather was not always predictable. In addition, we shot in Mumbai and other locations. It was necessary by the script. Quotation Gang is a multilingual movie aimed at an Indian audience, in which numerous languages are spoken simultaneously. In one scene, you may witness Tamil, Kashmiri, Hindi, and Tamil, Vivek said further. 

Sunny Leone is depicted on the poster with a bindi and sacred ash on her forehead, and she is unrecognisable at first glance. She has undergone a significant shift in order to perform this role. Sara will no longer be referred to as Baby Sara. She has played a mad persona and will be known as Crazy Sara. 


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