The Power’ movie is based on greed coupled, with betrayal-and love. However the family ties are riddled with jealously. Mahesh V. Manjrekar has penned and directed this crime/revenge saga. The heart of the movie is in the right place but the manner in which the story has been laid out in front of its viewers is extremely uninspiring.

First, considering it’s a feature film and not a web show, a huge amount of time is dedicated to hyping up the central theme, which, frankly, can be deemed unnecessary so much so that after a while even the action sequences and emotionally-charged scenes cannot keep you glued to it

Secondly, in terms of acting, not everyone’s performed – while Vidyut holds his own as the calm and calculative , Shruti lacks the conviction of a bereaved daughter seeking vendetta from her wrongdoers. Sure, the actress exudes the simple-girl-charm effortlessly, but falls short in rendering believable expressions both in charged-up parts as well as physical confrontations.

Having said that without a shadow of a doubt – Vidyut Jammwal is his usual top-notch self in the action department, but too many slo-mos spoil the broth. And for those who follow action movies religiously, it is safe to say that the background score plays a crucial role in heightening the drama, but sadly, that is not the case with this one. The technique of dialogue delivery doesn’t resonate passé and lacks seriousness.

With a tighter, finer screenplay and more consistent performers, ‘The Power’ could have been a befitting response of this decade to the ‘Sarkar’ franchise but a lack of better narrative, among other things, brings the power down to level zero, and more so the expectations of fans go in vain.