The Trailer of most awaited action thriller film ‘India’s Most Wanted’ is just out. This film features Arjun Kapoor in the main lead and directed by Raj Kumar Gupta.

Recently Arjun Kapoor took to Twitter to share the trailer of his film, he shared it with a caption: “Super proud to be a part of this story of 5 unsung heroes who went on the manhunt for India’s Osama.”

In this film, Arjun is playing the role of Prabhat Kapoor, we can see in the trailer Arjun, along with four other people, seeks manhunt for India’s Osama. 

Earlier in an interview with a daily,  Raj Kumar Gupta said: “We have been thinking of working together for long. So as soon as Raid [2018] got over, we discussed this and started working. Arjun had done a very good job and we have finished the film on time. I am happy with the way the film has turned out.”

He has praised Arjun for his work in this move. The film is scheduled to release on May 24.