The sequel of the 2012 blockbuster movie OMG: Oh My God!! is finally all set to hit the floors. However, the news of Paresh Rawal not being a part of the sequel left many of his fans heartbroken. 

You people must be wondering how can an actor who was the lead in the first part and literally carried the movie not be in the sequel. Well, think no further, because we have come up with the answers to all your questions. 

Reportedly, it has been revealed by a source that Paresh Rawal was definitely the first choice of the makers, if a sequel to the movie ever happened. In fact, talks with the actor had also begun for the sequel, but the conflict happened when Paresh Ji stated that he deserved more money than he was being offered because he was the lead in the first part, and was one of the major reasons the movie did well. However, the makers could not agree to the actor’s demand because that would disrupt the budget for the movie.

Even after several hours of negotiations, both the makers and Paresh Ji failed to come up with a unanimous decision. Hence, due to monetary conflict, the actor decided to part ways with the project because he was adamant that he deserved more than he was offered. 

Only after Paresh Rawal’s voluntary exit, the makers went ahead to approach Pankaj Tripathi and signed him.