Ever since the Corona transition period began, people have been living in the home continuously. Their contact with the outside world is decreasing. Due to all this, not only ordinary people but also people related to entertainment, sports, business and other activities are also seeing health problems. We tried to find solutions to these problems with Neha Ranglani, celebrity health coach.

We have always thought that weight gain is a food-related problem, but there are actually many factors that play a role in the process of increasing or decreasing fat, such as genetics, biology, stress, psychology. And as of now there are many health challenges. Not the right routine, bedtime is not fixed, we are not taking healthy food and there are many other challenges. Therefore, this is the reason why we are gaining weight.

The first advice is to take care of stress. It is very important to remain stress free. Sony BBC Earth has also started a show to train people, Why Do I Put Weight. It also talks about various factors affecting health. Your attitude, emotions, mental state, psychological health, all of these have importance in the process of losing weight.First of all, you should set a routine and avoid eating randomly. Since we have a lot of time, we take a lot of junk food in free time, which affects health. It is important to eat thoughtfully.



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