Gaurangana Vaani Kapoor, who showed off her understated physique in the film ‘War’ and a catchy dance to the film’s superhit songs, felt as if she was going to live a new life when she arrived at Mumbai International Airport in the early hours of Wednesday. Vani flew from Mumbai to Scotland early in the morning, where she would be part of the shooting of a pre-existing Hindi film.

Talking about her experience after arriving at the airport, Vani Kapoor says, “I can’t tell how I am feeling right now.” It looks like a dream is going on. It has been five months since I moved out of Mumbai and I am very desperate to come back in front of the camera. It will be such a moment to reach the set of the film, which I have been eagerly waiting for. I feel like I have reached another life. ”

Vani Kapoor also expressed happiness over the fact that everything seems to be going well now. People have decided to live with the corona virus. People are now leaving their homes, going to their jobs. Fear of people has also reduced. She says, “But the danger is not yet over.” All of us who are going out of the house due to our work or our passion, they also have to go back home. And, do not become a threat to our family members by returning home, so a lot of caution is needed outside. Do not forget to apply the mask and wash your hands frequently with soap.

Vani Kapoor is going to take part in the shooting of the Hindi film ‘Belbottom’ in Scotland. The entire team of the film has already reached there on a chartered plane and has started shooting after 14 days of confinement. Vani Kapoor will start shooting directly after reaching there, or he too will have to stay in detention for 14 days, it is not yet known.

Four films have been released so far, including a Tamil film by Vaani Kapoor, who started his career with the film ‘Shuddh Desi Romance’ seven years ago. Her second Hindi film ‘Befikre’ could not succeed at the box office but the previous film ‘War’ has placed her in the top actress category of Hindi cinema. One of his films under production is also Shamshera with Ranbir Kapoor.