LUX Industries are always known for its innovative ideas and customer-demand driven product. Yesterday they launched the scented vest range in Mumbai, in reasonable price. This vest gives users a perfect fit to ensure breath-ability and freshness all day long. Brand ambassador of Lux Cozi, Varun Dhawan, Later on,  was joined by Mr. Ashok Todi, Chairman, Lux Industries Ltd., and Mr.Pradip Todi the Managing Director, Lux Industries Ltd., and Mr. Navin Todi, Senior Vice President, Lux Industries.

Where the chairman of Luz Industries Mr. Ashok Todi said:  “It is our passion to bring interesting innovation in our products focusing on ideas in sync with our brand attributes. From the past years, Lux Industries has been in the forefront creating milestones within the hosiery industry and taking the brands across national and international borders. We have pioneered many firsts, and today we are happy to surprise and excite the market trends during summer by launching the first-of-its-kind range of scented vests for the Indian audience, for sure this product will also be a game changer in the market and create its own segment.”

Managing Director, Lux Industries Mr. Pradip Todi, said: “Lux Cozi is the most famous brand and has the largest market share. As part of our core business strategy at Lux Industries, we are open to constant revolution and advancement in our product range.

Senior Vice President, Mr. Navin Todi of Lux Industries, also commented, “Lux Industries is planning a substantial and strategic intervention in both urban and rural markets in the coming quarters. The positioning of the brands and the marketing initiatives are skewed towards strengthening this changing dynamics of the hosiery industry.

We have always been at the forefront, leading the change in market offerings. We thanks to Varun  Dhawan for being a part of this exciting journey of Lux Cozi. His inimitable style and fashion sense make him endearing to all sections of the audience cutting across age groups, especially the youth.”