The video track ‘Ammiye’ shot in Rajasthan and Chandigarh which features Malkit Rouni, Sunita Dhir, and Priyanka Sannat, a Mumbai-based actress. This video trace carries a very heart-touching and crucial message. We all know how famous our country has been in culture and civilization for decades.

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The bearers of our civilization and our culture have been the  families gathered here, who have passed it down from generation to generation. The united family, strung in a pearl garland  of all relationships, has always been the object of attraction and search for the whole world. 

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The role of mother is the highest in our culture, but for a daughter her childhood home and  parents are associated with her as memories, even after leaving this world the daughter does not forget them. And they are kept in their memories, it was all  filmed in Ammiyan which is sung by Harinder Hundal, music by Hardeep Guddu, lyrics by Har jinder Bal, producers Kashmir Sohal and Kuljeet Khalsa and video directed by Bobby Bajwa.

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Enthusiastic singer Harinder  said that it takes time for a singer to be successful, that young singers should focus on their talent instead of looking for shortcuts and should constantly be looking for suitable opportunities by making Riyaz regular. .