Vidya Balan upcoming movie.

Following her riveting work in Suresh Triveni’s highly praised Jalsa, the entertainer is scheduled to return to the big screen in a few months with Lovers, a Shirsha Guha Thakurta-helmed romantic drama starring Ileana D’Cruz, Pratik Gandhi, and Sendhil Ramamurthy. Vidya will subsequently appear in Anu Menon’s next crime story, Shakuntala Devi: The Human-Computer, which also stars Neetu Kapoor. Vidya has landed another venture,. even before her forthcoming Vikram Malhotra movie begins filming in the UK later this month, according to the sources.

According to the sources, Vidya Balan has signed on to direct Laxman Utekar’s forthcoming women-centric film, Waiting Room is the working title for the movie, which will be financed by Maddock Films‘ Dinesh Vijan. It’s a unique assignment for Vidya, and it’s her first time working with Laxman and Dinesh. Vidya will be exploring in a genre she hasn’t explored before, as the movie is set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic. It’s unlike any other pandemic-based film done in India to far, promising an interesting moment with a wildly realistic context backed by a hefty dose of emotional factor and a powerful performance. Vidya recently signed the contract and will begin filming after finishing the Anu Menon crime drama.

Dinesh Vijan, a producer, has long wanted to work with Vidya Balan and is said to have offered her numerous projects in the past. However, nothing materialised, and they continued to look for scripts to co-operate on. Dinesh’s ambition of collaborating with Vidya was finally realised with this Laxman Utekar flick, and he wishes to continue collaborating with her in the future. The filmmaker has begun rehearsing for the movie and is also finalising the remainder of the cast. The movie is expected to begin production in June 2022.


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