Anil Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor – childhood buddies had interesting nicknames for each other. In his tribute post, Anil Kapoor addressed the late actor as “James” and signed off as “Patton.” Anil shared the story of why he began calling Rishi  by the nickname “James”.


“The reason I called Rishi Kapoor James was because according to me, if there was anyone who looked as good as James Dean, it was him. And he loved hearing that from me. He will always be James for me,” Anil Kapoor wrote in his tweet.


Actor James Dean, died at 24 after making just three films, was known for his boyish but brooding good looks. He is remembered as a youth icon, a status he achieved for his films, like 1955’s ‘Rebel Without A Cause’. Anil  also attached a photo of James Dean in his post.


Anil Kapoor shared photo bunch of Kapoor boys, including Rishi Kapoor, drinking Coca Cola. “My dear James”, adding: “I don’t know where to begin. From growing up to living our dreams on screen, we were together through it all. You were like an elder brother to me, a shoulder when I needed the support, a mentor when I needed that push and a friend always. Thank you for the endless love you gave my family and me. You were like a son to my mother and you knew that Krishna aunty was always like a mother to me. Your Patton forever.”


Rishi Kapoor and Anil Kapoor worked together in movies such as 1988’s ‘Vijay’, 1993’s ‘Gurudev’ and 2000 release ‘Karobaar: The Business of Love’.


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